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Of course, that America attack, the lack of operability. The problem is, any person who, in any case, do not indiscriminately. If the Laden is the pursuit of justice revenge on the America, then he should abandon the evil maneuverability. The 911 event on a large number of innocent civilians life Jie by storm, is extremely inhuman, an evil example. Even if he is in the Jihad, this fight poison, replace one tyranny by another Crusade itself is extremely evil. It not only failed to defend Islam's honor, but is of great religion. A thousands of years without failure, with one billion followers in today's global social great teachings, is not possible without deeply in people heart conscience to Taisho just roots, the Laden style crooked ways doings, cannot steal the legitimacy from islam.

However, the justice and the condemnation of crusade against the terrorism is one thing, and analyzes the causes of terrorism is another matter. "What caused the people of the Middle East anger, fear, despair, so that the radical Islamist terrorists to survive?" What are the reasons that some people put their lives leave, take Dutch act of revenge America impact, to trample with his brothers and sisters as innocent America people's life, as a glorious teaching behavior?

British "Guardian" said, "the biggest challenge facing the west is Laden step by step ascend the throne of the Muslim hero". Why the Laden blithering demon, actually become a part of the Islamic people hero, is responsible only in that part of the Islamic people's stupidity and paranoid?

Four, western countries began partial reflection

American mouth, although their weapons as hard, but still in the secretive began moral reflection.

After the 911 incident, USA internal people, academics and media professionals are thinking about such a question: "why so Islamic extremists hate us?"

The president addressed the nation on Bush in said, "I always ask myself from time to time: how I will react...... When I see, hate American mood spread in some Islamic countries, how I would react? Now let me tell you, I feel very surprised. Their misunderstanding of American surprised me by hatred, misunderstanding let me surprised."

One of the goals of anthrax attacks tide Cbs Broadcasting Inc news anchor Darasse said, USA media shall be of 911 incident bear some responsibility, because they did not adequately to USA people that many people hate American.

In the British media have held America ambassador to attend TV forum, part of the British people were excited that the American unilateralism for accident source, USA ambassador to tears and acknowledge that should reflect on their own.

Left-wing literati Sontag in "New York" magazine said, if in no risk off the war to kill, the meaning and consequences of murder may not be over in one's mind, even for some trifles easily kill. America recently on the defenseless opponent at war, the eradication of the defenseless enemy has in fact and killing unarmed civilians have many similarities. This is why American forces more strong, one of the reasons for the moral appeal more weak.

"New York Times" attack "in September 23rd America hand promote democracy, on the other hand, betrayed the democratic idea, support (Saudi Arabia) totalitarian government". And American in Arabia world long and most important ally Saudi Arabia, in fact it is the main source of Islamic extremism!

The entire western society are thinking. In America closest allies Britain, many personnel hair showed a take pleasure in other people's misfortune, BBC was forced to apologize for USA; in Canada, many people think that the 911 events are America foreign policy "guar" effect.

French "Liberation Daily" published in September 27th lecturer of History Department of Provence University and East Asia Research Institute researcher Jean Louis Margolin's article "who really hates American" said: "even those who relentlessly denounced 'cause 9 · 11' events, often think these terrorist acts that America more hated in some countries more and. Of course, people in many countries don't like USA, attacked the USA has become a kind of fashion, such as France is such."

German President Johannes Law in memory of "911" incident victims conference, "poverty and exploitation, suffering and injustice, people despair; contempt for religious feelings and culture, deprived of hope and dignity of the people. This will induce some people go on the road of violence and terror."

The Americans themselves, in all kinds of pressure and active moral reflection, try to change their.

法国外长曾警告美国人:如果美国大肆屠杀无辜的阿富汗人,就会陷入本拉登设置的“恶魔的陷阱” 看来美国人吸取了类似的告诫。在战事初起之际,美国在轰炸的同时,破天荒地大量空投粮食,希望藉此举动赢取人道形象。总统布什在宣战演说中讲到,美国政府将向阿富汗人民提供3。3亿美金的人道援助。“受压迫的阿富汗人民会知道美国和盟友们的慷慨。美国是阿富汗人民之友”。他还宣布成立“美国阿富汗儿童基金”,呼吁每一个美国儿童用自己的双手去挣1美元,并捐出来为阿富汗儿童购买食品和药物。美国军方也破天荒地开始统计敌国平民的伤亡。国防部长拉斯菲尔德改口了,他承认,这场战争跟以往美国打过的任何战争都不同。美国必须坚持绝非以暴易暴、绝非以武力取胜。因此在使用武力上必须特别节制,尽可能地不伤无辜。
The French foreign minister warned Americans: if American massacre of innocent Afghans, would be in the Laden set the "devil's trap" looks like the Americans draw a similar warning. In the very beginning of the war, USA simultaneously in the bombing of the epoch-making, massive drop food, hoping to move to win the humanitarian image. The president Bush in the war declaration speech said, America government will provide 3 to the people of afghanistan. Humanitarian aid to $300000000. "The oppressed people of Afghanistan will know American and allies generosity. America Afghan friend of the people". He also announced the establishment of "America Afghan children's fund", called for a USA children use their hands to earn $1, and donated to buy food and medicine for the children of afghanistan. USA military has epoch-making to statistical enemy civilian casualties. Secretary of defense Radfield changed, he admits, this war unlike any previous American played war. America must not replace one tyranny by another, not by force. Therefore, in the use of force must be special control, as far as possible not to hurt the innocent.

A few years ago, when the Anglo American air force will be Germany's Dresden burst into flames, British Prime Minister Churchill was sad to ask ourselves: we Is it right? Beast? We Is it right? Too? This time, in USA, similar reflection began. This is a new meteorological history. It has happened in Iraq, South Union body do not occur in the Chinese and other National People's likelihood.


Five, the world's largest democracy is not a "paper tiger"

911 to USA domestic cool strategist and observers gave an accurate information: America dominating the world vision is not acceptable. America not far above the Mai in peoples, cannot balance superpower, like all the history of the Empire, its strength is limited. If you like the cold war that style, also like the 90's of the last century that has unilateral down, the American Empire in the world will gradually decline under the balance of various forces, to those who are more advanced, more civilized, more powerful power, freeing up more space.

However, if the Americans do, in the anti terrorist operations in the dull hesitant performance as a "paper tiger" basis, is lost in the surface. Americans introspection and in Afghanistan and prudent control, proved that this nation has not lost wise. The self repair mechanism America should not be underestimated, the connotation of it is deeper and more powerful. The Vietnam War period and after the war ended, American in licking the wound successfully realize the strategic transformation, and the main opponent of its Soviet hegemony, but because the mud and unable to get up after a fall in Afghanistan, just try to reform that has collapsed. This American superior ability to repair itself, from its have no equal in this world of liberal democracy. The world's largest democracy is not a "paper tiger".

911那一天,第四架被劫持的民航客机在反抗中和恐怖分子同归于尽。一位妻子从电话中听到丈夫的最后一句话是:“男乘客投票决定与歹徒搏斗。”学者朱学勤指出,这最后关头,体现出民主是平民百姓已经养成的生活方式,没有一生的习惯,就不会在最后一分钟以那样谦卑和自然的口气说:我们投票决定。以这样的文化武装起来的城市,不是纸老虎,而是真老虎;以如此文化武装起来的公民,是真老虎,不是纸老虎。它是那样谦卑,不带有正义者的气势凌人;又是那样平静,泰山崩于前而不变色。(朱学勤:《城市文化与公民素质——兼谈 911 》)
The 911 day, the fourth hijacked airliner in revolt and terrorists perish together. A wife from the phone to hear her husband's last words are: "male passengers voted and the scoundrel." Scholar Zhu Xueqin pointed out, this last minute, manifests the democracy is the common people have formed the way of life, not the habit of a lifetime, not at the last minute as humble and natural tone: we vote. Armed with the city culture, this is not really paper tiger, but tiger; in such a culture of armed citizens, is a real tiger, not a paper tiger. It is so humble, not with the imposing justice; and is so quiet, Taishan collapse in the former and does not change color. (Zhu Xueqin: "city culture and quality of citizens -- Also on the 911")

Adversity, the Americans the best human quality aroused. America people in highly disciplined organization without specific led the first line of the affected are revealed, to the world left a memorable impression. Especially the heroic behavior in New York city hundreds of firefighters generosity Funan, will go down in history after infection. It shows that, the ability to cope with the crisis of democracy, as any totalitarian state, long-term influence on freedom and democracy, does not need the totalitarian organization and mobilization, also can realize people spontaneously righteousness. This is the great power of America deep.

Bush president has repeatedly referred to Christian and Jewish women with Muslim women shopping story, very persuasive witness USA people magnanimous mind. "Our society different beliefs, opinions, people of different races of tolerance, is the reason why our country is so powerful, but also a magic weapon to defeat terrorism." The president says Bush.

Indeed, supporting the first world country, not the popular culture and the Hollywood movie, use unscrupulous divisive tactics ghosts are not become powerful and intransigent super hawk and the Central Intelligence Agency, but thousands on thousands of dedicated, have a serious religious belief, without losing the compassionate heart of ordinary citizens. A liberal democratic system subjected to foster long-term state, a moral performance so wonderful in 911 before the disaster state, should not be underestimated.