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Abstract: the appreciation of literary works is a very important part in Chinese teaching, it can improve students' language ability, but also allow students to edify sentiment, the growth of knowledge, but also improve the students' language ability. Therefore, the cultivation of students' ability of appreciation of literature works in Chinese teaching is very important. Based on the analysis and discussion in Chinese teaching how to cultivate the ability of appreciation of literary works.

Reading literary works contains two levels of understanding and appreciation, understanding refers to understand the meaning of literary works, the meaning of a sentence, the full text of the righteous cause, appreciation refers to identify and appreciate the language of literary works, writing style, text structure, but also identify and appreciate its thoughts and feelings and topics significance, and can make the appropriate evaluation of the the article. To cultivate students' ability of literature appreciation is a days and months multiplying process, not only need the teacher to guide in the teaching process, also need the students with the. This paper analyzes culture will learn works on Chinese teaching from the following aspects Chinese appreciation ability.

1 读懂文章,训练语感,增强对文章的理解力
1 read the article, training of language sense, to enhance the understanding of the article stress

The first step in appreciation of literary works is to have sense of literary language. Every piece of literature is composed of word, word, sentence, paragraph, the article can in word, word, sentence read is the most basic requirement of literature works appreciation. But in the textbooks selected writings in classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese in large numbers, while the students for the works inevitably have difficulty understanding. Therefore, in reading literary works also need the teacher to some difficult words to guide. Especially for the writings in classical style, many words and now the Chinese have different meanings, and some words have multiple meanings and usage. In this regard, the teacher will be on the words in explanation of the thorough analysis, find out some rules, or add some interesting teaching, let the students have a more profound impression. Only students who will be in the article word, word, sentence mastery accurate, skilled to use, so as to further deepen understanding.

In addition to read aloud outside, an important part of training is also in Chinese language teaching. The students in the reading of literary works, mind will emerge out of their reading articles have described the scene, so, will make the literary works become fresh, stereo. Many of the articles can be read more to feel the author in the article described the conception, which also can deepen understanding of the work of thoughts and feelings. Thus, repeated training of reading, not only can improve the language feeling ability, but also because they could better understand the author's thoughts and feelings and strengthen the understanding of the article, to slowly improve the ability to appreciate.

However, reading the article also cannot careless to read, when reading the text, not only accurate, clear voice statement, but also to do with. Only read read the article emotion, can deepen the understanding of the article. Because, in reading a article emotions must be on the words were figured out. But come very naturally in figure in the process will understand the article more into a layer.

Read and understand the literary works appreciation is to cultivate the ability of the most basic step, and to further improve the students' works in literary appreciation ability also need the knowledge of literature and other fields of knowledge to continue to expand.

2 学习文学作品知识
2 learning literature knowledge

Appreciation of literary works in addition to the reading of the article, also need to master the basic knowledge of literary works must master the. Because of the appreciation of literary works also include the appreciation of theme, material, language, etc.. In this respect the teachers can carry out some activities, the textbook knowledge into life, let the students to experience and experience life, learning and arouse the interest of the students. In addition, study plan and training can also plan some system, by learning and training so that students have a profound impression on the knowledge of literature, will those who remember and use knowledge.


Students should not only master the teacher taught in the classroom knowledge of literature, but also their own after class the other knowledge accumulation. Only the accumulation of knowledge and material, in order to improve the comprehension ability, the written expression ability and some other ability. To do this you can after class to expand the amount of reading, reading quantity increases can also strengthen the literature comprehension.

3 了解文学作品的作者与创作背景
The author and the creation background of 3 understanding of literary works

On the literary works of the author's knowledge should be considered as a part of the accumulation of knowledge of literature, because the basic situation in the study of literary works must master some of the famous author, as in other articles on these authors appreciation can more easily understand his article. However, before the appreciation of an article, in addition to understand the basic situation of the author, but also to understand the author thought and mood at that time, so that they can more easily understand the thoughts and feelings of the article.

Literature is a product of the reality of social life in the author mind reflect, is the author of the realistic social life to express opinion attitude. Therefore, different times of literary works with different style; the same time, the works of different authors also have different thought and sentiment; and the same author will also because of changes of the times and society, the literary works will have different feelings. So, before the appreciation of literary works, to understand the author's writing background is essential homework.

4 学习鉴赏文学作品的鉴赏方法
Method of appreciation 4 learn to appreciate literary works

4.1 着眼整体,鉴赏局部
4.1 focus on the whole, the appreciation of the local

The author in the creation of literary works, is the first to determine the center, starting from the whole writing to various local, local integral to the work. A local works not only has its unique feelings, and other local connection, co expression of theme. Therefore, in appreciation of local can not be separated to understand, and should be combined with the theme of understanding of local, and melt into the whole article. This can more fully realize and hold the work thoughts and feelings.

4.2 according to the genre of appreciation

The article has many different genres, and of different genres in appreciation also to seize the key points for different appreciation. Although the expression of the theme of different genres of literary works in different ways, but the expression is mostly using same. So, in appreciation of the article, as long as the topic expression according to different genres, analysis and appreciation of gimmick expression article by means of the central idea and then around the theme of. The following novels as an example, according to the generic characteristics of appreciation.

The novel is to portray characters as the center, through the description of reaction story and the environment of social life at that time. Appreciate the novel before, must first to novel writing background to understand, and then analysis of the novel describes the environment, to understand in the description of the environment in this paper combined with the central idea of the article and the role of the relationship between the author's thoughts and feelings and the environment. In the understanding of the articles in the description of the environment, we must combine the social environment at that time on the analysis of the environment, so as to achieve the purpose of better understanding of the central idea of the article. On the understanding and analysis of literary work environment, the next thing to do is to clarify the relations between characters in and characters. In the novel's appreciation in analysis on the character of the image is a very important part, the analysis of the characters in the novel can further understand the theme. The characters in the novel character because of the influence of social environment at that time caused, so the character image analysis are better able to understand the article. After the analysis of the task's character, to the relationship of each article in the analysis of the figures in this paper. The relationship of the characters in the novel also reflects the story twists and vivid, shaping characters can better reflect the image of contradictions and struggles, sharp in the novel. In short, in appreciation of literary works, should according to the different genre, grasp the key points and the central idea, deeply understand the thoughts and feelings of the article.

5 Summary

Before the appreciation of literary works, the teacher must be on the literary works of the knowledge instruction and allow students to master the knowledge of those literature in place; to encourage more students to carry out extra-curricular reading, accumulate more than a little extracurricular knowledge, cultivating students' language sensibility knowledge of literature and accumulation; to encourage more students to read the article, to help students enhance the sense of language and to the sensibility. Appreciation of literary works is need long time of accumulation, is not a short duration of time will be able to have a good ability to appreciate literature. In the accumulation of knowledge to a certain extent, in appreciation of literary works can have good language expression ability. In addition to these, a variety of genres but also let students understand the literary works of various genres, only understand in order to improve the ability of appreciation of literary works. When all the need to accumulate knowledge to a certain extent, in appreciation of literary works when it needs to be related information, genre and the author of the article article background and other aspects of the combination of appreciation. The cultivation of literature works appreciation ability is an essential part of Chinese teaching, to improve the ability of the hand can also in Chinese language learning easier, but also improve the perception and comprehension ability of students. Therefore, in the language teaching to cultivate students' is a stage is very necessary for literary appreciation ability.